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We are looking for mainly female but possibly some male caregivers to help my mother who has very late stage Parkinson's. My mother very thankfully has retained her mental faculties, but unfortunately many physically things fail her. It has now gotten to the stage where my mother needs someone around all of the time. Health care students would be ideal for this role. Our starting date is flexible.
Over the last last year we have have had students in for 10 hours a day, each day of the week. This has worked out extremely well for us and we have been extremely happy with the students / carers we have been able to utilize from SJS.
Very regrettably for us some of the students currently with us will now be graduating and almost all will be moving away from Dunedin (eg some of the Medical students are going to Christchurch, etc) Thus, we will now be attempting to refresh the upcoming vacancies in the team. This will maintain the very reduced burden on my dad who prior to hiring students had provided a lot of the care previously. We are very happy with everyone on the team, and it is bittersweet that as the students move on with their careers they will be leaving Dunedin.
The actual role is being present to move my mother from the computer to the couch or dining room, or chair, feeding, toileting, and food preparation. The bulk of the time it is mostly just having someone around for small daily tasks.
The main tasks for this role will be:

  • Assistance
  • Toileting
  • Food preparation, feeding
  • Loading / unloading dishwasher for the daily dishes (depending on time slot)
  • Possibly household laundry (depending on time slot)

We are located in central Dunedin near the university.
You will be kind, patient, and happy.
You ideally would study / work in nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Medicine, or other health sciences, etc.  
Currently there are 10 students who form the team.  However, seven or more of the team will be leaving Dunedin. Thus, we are looking to fill time slots throughout the day from 12am until 10pm. Currently slots are from 12:00am - 2pm, 2pm - 5pm, and 5pm - 10pm. We of course understand that you will have your own weekly schedule with different times for lectures / lab work so are not available on some days / times but are available on other times. With a little pre-warning we can of course change the schedule around to try and accommodate you. Additionally, many students on the team have / will go on professional placements at different times of the year and we have previously just worked this into the schedule. Often, the students will swap slots with each other as well for exams, or trips, or when they need to etc. Consequently, the times are usually quite flexible and we will work your hours into the rotating roster of students.
Even though the team has 10 members, with long term placements etc, normally there are only 8 team members available in a week at any given time. Hours can vary every week but probably you will be offered around 6 and 9 hours a week but sometimes more, depending on your availability.
The ideal candidate will be / have:

  • Reliable and competent
  • Kind and patient
  • Help in assisted lifting
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Previous caregiver experience is highly beneficial but not essential
  • Students studying Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Medicine, or other healthcare disciplines who want practical experience, or overseas nursing graduates waiting on their NZ registration, would be a great background

Normally I live outside of New Zealand, so in this intake round part of the pre-screening will be done by one or more of the senior team members. After pre-screening, there will be in person interviews (I will be attending via Skype). Following success at those stages, there will be hands on training with some of the existing experienced other student caregivers.
We look forward to your application.

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